Dow Jones Industrial Average Remains In Crash Pattern

The Dow Jones Industrial Average, along with the other major indexes, remains in a “Crash Pattern”. Over the last century, stock market crashes have had several common pre-conditions including: 1) The preceding market peak had been parabolic in shape and rather frenzied, 2) The Crash followed the preceding market peak by approximately 6 weeks or so,  3) The Crash began at a level roughly 20% BELOW the prior market peak and 4) The Crash took place WITHIN a very short time frame coinciding with one of the two annual equinoxes (March 21 or September 21). The blog, linked (, provides some of the other pre-conditions, which have been satisfied.

If the Dow Jones Industrial Average, in the next few trading days, rises above the GREEN line on the chart at 25,500 then the Crash Pattern will have been aborted.  However, if the stock market resumes its decline to drop  in between the two parallel RED lines (The Waterfall Zone) then virtually all of the pre-conditions will have been met.

Keep in mind, that nothing is pre-determined.  The conditions, described in the blog, had been satisfied then, and yet no crash occurred.  The odds, however of a Crash  have risen substantially and once it begins there will be such an absence of liquidity that there will be no opportunity to escape it,  or to trade it successfully.

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