The Big Four Cryptocurrencies: What Do The Charts Say?

The “Big Four”, among cryptocurrencies, are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple.  The market capitalizations of the Big Four are $150 Billion, $ 68 Billion, $32 Billion and $10 Billion, respectively (

The entire cryptocurrency sector has a market capitalization of $365 Billion, and is appearing to resume its Waterfall Decline (   The Big Four total $260 Billion or 71% of the ENTIRE cryptocurrency sector!

If you don’t know this already, Charts are Your Friends, and the images above portray the levels that these cryptocurrencies may reach.  The Next Support Levels for the Big Four cryptocurrencies are: Bitcoin ($6,000), Ethereum ($550), Ripple (68 Cents) and Litecoin ($1.05).

If all the Big Four cryptocurrencies were to trade down to their Next Support levels the market capitalizations would be as follows:  Bitcoin ($102 Billion), Ethereum ($55 Billion), Ripple ($24 Billion) and Litecoin ($6 Billion).  The Big Four cryptocurrencies would, in that instance have a combined market capitalization of $187 Billion for an average loss of 28% from current levels, suggesting a market capitalization for the entire cryptocurrency sector of $262 Billion.  According to Coin Market Cap (, the low for 2018 was $280 Billion reached February 6th.

What if the Big Four were to fall to what has been called FINAL Support levels? (No guarantee that they will either stop, bounce off of, or go through any of these support levels).  Bitcoin’s Final Support level is $4500, Ethereum’s is $390, Ripple’s is 40 Cents and Litecoin’s is $70.  If they should trade to those levels, which is very possible, their market capitalizations would be $76.5 Billion, $39 Billion, $14 Billion and $4 Billion, respectively.  The indicated market capitalization for the entire cryptocurrency sector would be another 28% lower or $188 Billion, which according to Coin Market Cap (, was last seen on November 1, 2017.

Putting that into perspective, the market capitalization of the cryptocurrency sector was $188 Billion on November 1, 2017, rose to $825 Billion on January 4th, 2018 and would make a round trip back to $188 Billion if the Big Four were to touch their Final Support levels.

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