Universal Basic Income Made Easy: Applied Markonomics101

Universal Basic Income Made Easy: Applied Markonomics101. One of the more controversial topics on various internet sites, and one threatening to go Full Mainstream, is a financial engineering plan commonly known as “Universal Basic Income” (UBI).  While there are many hoped for “societal benefits” from the implementation of UBI, this analysis doesn’t consider them for […]

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Bitcoin or Bustcoin?

Bitcoin or Bustcoin? Digital Gold versus Physical Gold Source: www.coindesk.com  Introduction The first crypto-currency, known as Bitcoin (BTC), was introduced in 2009 and initially sold for roughly 6 cents. That same coin today now fetches approximately $19,000 sporting a monstrous 300,000-fold increase in its short 8 years. In 2017 alone, Bitcoin has traded from a […]

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