Bond Rating Agencies Yield Junky Results

Marko’s Take Originally written May 31, 2010 Bond Ratings Agencies Yield Junky Results Think a certain credit rating means something?  Think again! Amid the financial crisis which enveloped the global financial system in 2008-2009, Standard & Poors (S & P) and Moody’s played a central role.  So much paper with sub-prime mortgages defaulted that were originally […]

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Universal Basic Income Made Easy: Applied Markonomics101

Universal Basic Income Made Easy: Applied Markonomics101. One of the more controversial topics on various internet sites, and one threatening to go Full Mainstream, is a financial engineering plan commonly known as “Universal Basic Income” (UBI).  While there are many hoped for “societal benefits” from the implementation of UBI, this analysis doesn’t consider them for […]

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An Introduction to Incentivism- Part 3

Incentivism is a type of economic system whose philosophy emphasizes the use of financial reward rather than punishment to alter an individual’s personal self-interest to make it consistent with that of society. An Introduction to Incentivism – Part 3: Government Intervention An ongoing bi-monthly series                 February 5, 2018 If you wish to either catch up or […]

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SEC No Match For Government Sachs

Now let me get this straight.  Goldman Sachs (GS), aka “Government Sachs”, has just received the largest penalty ever imposed on a financial firm.  Yes, a whopping $550 million. Relative to Goldman’s 2009 net income of roughly $12 billion, this represents less than 5%, or about two weeks worth of earnings.  In the case of British […]

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