Federal Reserve Stokes ANOTHER Asset Bubble

The Incredible NON-Credible Fed   Three months ago, the Federal Reserve expected to raise interest 3 times in 2019.  At the conclusion of the Fed Meeting on March 20th, the Fed announced that it expects NO rate increases as far as the eye can see.  Chairman Jerome Powell also announced a MUCH earlier termination of […]

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Federal Reserve To The Rescue?

The Fed’s Functions Since it was established in 1913 to be the Central Bank of the United States, the objectives of the Federal Reserve have changed.  Originally, the main job of the Fed was to enhance economic and price stability to lessen severe economic swings.  Since then, its mission has been amended over the years, […]

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BEAR Market Over or BEAR Market Rally?

Asset Re-Balancing To the Rescue? Asset allocation is nothing fancy.  Certain investors, especially Pension Funds, routinely target a specific stock-to-bond ratio for their portfolios, for example 60/40.  Since stocks and bonds will have different returns, the portfolio is brought back to its target ratio at the end of each quarter. If the equity portion of […]

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The BEAR MARKET For Equities Shifts Into High Gear (Charts of the Day 5)

Equity Indexes All Make New 52 Week Lows Following the expected interest rate hike yesterday, EVERY MAJOR STOCK MARKET INDEX MADE NEW 52 WEEK LOWS.   The anticipated BEAR MARKET is asserting itself with a vengeance.  Nearly 1000 stocks made new lows as well.  This is NOT a “Correction”. Many observers continue to fail to […]

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