New Market All Time Highs Dead Ahead and More Trades For the Next Leg

New Market All Time Highs Dead Ahead and More Trades For the Next Leg The notion that the Federal Reserve is stoking another Asset Bubble looks more correct every single day.  “Federal Reserve Stokes Another Asset Bubble”.    ( First the Cryptocurrencies resurrected. “Cryptocurrency Sector Explodes Higher”.  ( Bonds are already near their all time […]

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Global Bond Yields COLLAPSE!

Stocks And Bonds Diverge   It wasn’t that long ago the markets anticipated a substantial economic slowdown.  The 20% or so plunge in equities was coupled with a sizable drop in Treasury Bond Yields. Something odd is going on.  Most key equity indexes are approaching all-time highs.  Bonds yields, on the other hand, are breaking […]

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Retail: The Best of Times or Worst of Times? (Chart of The Day 14)

The BEST Christmas in 6 Years or The WORST December in 10? Last week, the Census Bureau released Retail Sales data for the month of December.  The headline number was a stunning FALL of 1.2%. (The Chart on the Left is Seasonally adjusted month over month retail sales.) Following this news, investment banks  tripped over […]

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Chipmakers Poised To Lead Nasdaq HIGHER? (Chart of the Day 13)

Semiconductors Breaking Away Despite Bad Earnings An attribute of BULL Markets is the ability to rally in the face of bad news.  Usually, that means that bad news has already been taken into account and available sellers are exhausted. Semiconductors have not only been reporting lower earnings but reducing estimates for 2019 and 2020.  Despite […]

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Federal Reserve To The Rescue?

The Fed’s Functions Since it was established in 1913 to be the Central Bank of the United States, the objectives of the Federal Reserve have changed.  Originally, the main job of the Fed was to enhance economic and price stability to lessen severe economic swings.  Since then, its mission has been amended over the years, […]

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