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Are We Heading Straight into Global Deflation?

Commodities, Led By Oil, Make New Lows Crude Oil is an input into producing virtually everything, including itself.  It takes oil to transport, refine, drill or pump oil.  Energy is a large portion of the cost of just about everything. West Texas Intermediate Crude Oil closed at $46.60 yesterday, a 40% drop since October.  The […]

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The Interest Rate Bomb: Is The Fuse Now Lit?

The Interest Rate Bomb: Is The Fuse Now Lit? Recently, we noted the critical role that higher inflation and interest rates would play in The Inflection Process.  Furthermore, the levels of interest rates seemed so low as to make very little logical sense (https://markonomics101.com/2018/09/03/inflection-point-part-5-interest-rates-inflation-and-inflection/.)  Not only does “reported” inflation (currently 2.9% annually) seem to vastly […]

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Interest Rates Poised To Turn Higher?

Interest Rates Poised To Turn Higher? Recently, we described the unusual relationship between inflation, GDP, and interest rates in “Inflection Point (Part 5): Interest Rates, Inflation, and Inflection” (https://markonomics101.com/2018/09/03/inflection-point-part-5-interest-rates-inflation-and-inflection/).  It is vital that investors understand the accuracy and quality of “official” numbers regarding economic performance, especially in making investment decisions. The Bureau of Labor Statistics […]

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