Cryptocurrency Sector Explodes Higher

Cryptocurrency Sector Explodes Higher The sentiment toward the Cryptocurrency sector has turned to wildly bullish. Not only has the number of google searches for “Bitcoin” surged, as shown on the left, but so have tweets. We’ve anticipated this rally now, in two recent posts.   “Crypto Rally Imminent”.  (  And, as recently as one week […]

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Cryptocurrency Sector Ready to Rally Despite Reports of FAKE Bitcoin Volume

Cryptocurrency Sector Ready to Rally Despite Reports of FAKE Bitcoin Volume The Cryptocurrency Sector is on the verge of  starting a long awaited rally.  The resistance line is at $145 Billion, exactly the level as of early Sunday evening.  ( The Sector continues to be plagued by shady practices.  Bitwise Asset Management performed an analysis […]

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Federal Reserve Stokes ANOTHER Asset Bubble

The Incredible NON-Credible Fed   Three months ago, the Federal Reserve expected to raise interest 3 times in 2019.  At the conclusion of the Fed Meeting on March 20th, the Fed announced that it expects NO rate increases as far as the eye can see.  Chairman Jerome Powell also announced a MUCH earlier termination of […]

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Crypto Rally Imminent? (Chart of The Day 15)

Sector Closes In On Key $150 Billion Value Level The Cryptocurrency Sector has endured one severe BEAR MARKET.  From a peak market value of $825 Billion, the Sector lost 88% of its value before bottoming last December. ( The wipeout of value has been more than justified by the Sector’s disconnected fundamentals.  Holders of Cryptocurrencies […]

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Do Cryptocurrencies Have A Future?

Cryptocurrencies Extend Their 4th Waterfall Decline of 2018 The Cryptocurrency Sector is plumbing to new lows for 2018 as this is being Published.  Total market capitalization is now $107 Billion, well below last week’s low.  Less than a year ago, the sector peaked at $825 Billion (  Since then, the Cryptocurrency Sector has lost 87%.  […]

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Cryptocurrency Casualties Keep Piling Up.

Cryptocurrency Sector Plunges 45% in 11 Days. After a very quiet summer, the Cryptocurrency Sector has suffered yet another Waterfall Decline this year.  According to Coin Market Cap (, cryptocurrencies have endured 4 of these horrific drops in the last 11 months as follows: 45% in 10 days from January 7th ($831 Billion) to January […]

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Cryptocurrency Bear Market of 2018 Intensifies.

Bitcoin Wipeouts Have Been Frequent. While Bitcoin (BTC), along with the entire Cryptocurrency Sector, has suffered massive declines this year, large drawdowns have occurred regularly (  At its current price of $4500, BTC has lost 82% from its peak last December.    Other large capitalization Cryptocurrencies have suffered similar fates.  Ethereum (ETH) has lost 91%, […]

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