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The BEAR MARKET For Equities Shifts Into High Gear (Charts of the Day 5)

Equity Indexes All Make New 52 Week Lows Following the expected interest rate hike yesterday, EVERY MAJOR STOCK MARKET INDEX MADE NEW 52 WEEK LOWS.   The anticipated BEAR MARKET is asserting itself with a vengeance.  Nearly 1000 stocks made new lows as well.  This is NOT a “Correction”. Many observers continue to fail to […]

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Characteristics of Bear Market Rallies

Characteristics of Bear Market Rallies We started to cover the topic of “Bear Market Rallies” in Mondays’s piece, “Mr. Market’s Bear Market Rallies” (https://markonomics101.com/2018/10/14/mr-markets-bear-market-rallies/).  Their behavior differs so much from the type of trading in Bull Markets, that they have their own signature.  This is quite valuable because of its informational content,  but also provides […]

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